Back Ground

A little about me. I was born and bred in Mahwah New Jersey. Graduated high-school in 2008. I entered the job market before college, everything from call center agent to a personal assistant to an operations manager for a multi national direct marketing firm.

I went to college at Drexel University in Philadelphia PA. I studied Hospitality Management and Business Administration.

At first I did what everyone does, get a job after college. I was working out bound sales for Comcast Business. So I was a telemarketer, yea I hate them too lol. Oddly enough, I entered the job in hopes to be an honest telemarketer. What amazed me, people didn’t want honesty. Everyone thought I was lying when i gave them prices and I was trying to pull a fast one. Our prices were posted online… So I began to bend truths and give “hit numbers”. a hit number is giving someone a high number so they feel like they’re getting a deal when you tell them the actual number.

Long story short, I didn’t like who I was becoming. So i decided to finish a year and make the switch the Real Estate. That way, if Real Estate doesn’t work, I still have a year at Comcast on my resume.

The Year mark came, I left Comcast and it was the happiest day of my life, I was finally following my dream and passion. This is when life hit me, and nothing hits harder than life. That same week, crazy right, My dad calls me telling me his company is drowning and hes close to bankruptcy. I had no idea my father was going through a financial hardship… So I gave my father my savings, The money I was going to use to launch the company. I then applied for unemployment, and started living off my credit.

As you can imagine, starting a company with no money isn’t ideal. You’ll see a lot of ads that claim you can go into real estate with no money and no credit. Good luck with that… In a later video I’ll explain the reality behind that.

After this post I’ll instead post videos explaining different tips, tricks, and first hand experiences for everyone looking to learn.

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